SNIPPP (Spay & Neuter Intermountain Pets & Pet Placement)
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  SNIPPP (Spay & Neuter Intermountain Pets & Pet Placement)



Who we are :

Spay & Neuter Intermountain Pets & Pet Placement, or SNIPPP , is a no-kill animal welfare organization based in Northeastern California whose mission is to address the issues related to companion animal overpopulation through:

  • funding a spay/neuter assistance program
  • community education
  • rescue & placement of at-risk animals

We serve the communities of the Intermountain Area including Northeastern Shasta County and adjoining areas in Modoc and Lassen Counties. We are a California non-profit organization, staffed exclusively by volunteers, and governed by a Board of Directors. Our meetings are public, and we encourage community members to join us in our mission. SNIPPP makes sure that rescued animals receive appropriate vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, and medical treatment, if needed. SNIPPP pets are spayed or neutered before being available for adoption, unless they are still too young.  In that case we charge a $50 refundable deposit and require that proof of being altered be sent to SNIPPP. Most of our animals are microchipped. SNIPPP volunteers place companion animals in temporary foster homes and seek permanent homes for them through various means, like the online listings on our website. SNIPPP outreach provides spay and neuter help for community members in our service area who need assistance to alter their companion animals.


What YOU can do :

Join us! SNIPPP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (federal tax ID #20-7288696), is supported entirely by tax-deductible donations from the public and run entirely by volunteers. You can:

  • Donate funds needed for the veterinary care, housing, and publicizing of rescued pets 
  • Contribute to our spay/neuter program.
  • Provide a foster home for a rescued animal until a permanent home is found. OUR ABILITY TO RESCUE ANIMALS DEPENDS ON HAVING FOSTER HOMES AVAILABLE; THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT, ONGOING NEEDS!
  • Transport animals to Pet Adoption events or to cooperating rescue groups.
  • Join our speakers' team to help publicize SNIPPP's efforts through community outreach.
  • Help with fundraising.
  • Use your computer skills to help publicize our adoptable animals.
  • Volunteer your time, skills, or materials for the building of fenced enclosures for foster homes when needed.

Please contact us to volunteer; if you would like to help in some way we haven't mentioned, we'd love to hear your ideas!   

Adopting a Friend :

SNIPPP requires an adoption contract, a home check, veterinary references, and an adoption fee. (As of June 1, 2019, our adoption fee for most dogs is $100.) Completing an adoption application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a particular animal from SNIPPP; our primary concern is with finding the most appropriate homes for the animals in our care. 

Please note: adoption requirements for COURTESY LISTINGS may be different; contact the email address or phone number in the Courtesy Listing to find out details.


Meeting our pets available for adoption "in person" is usually arranged on a case by case basis. We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in one of the dogs or cats we have available on our website. It is helpful if you are able to complete an online application beforehand.


Spay/Neuter Voucher Program:

Please note: Our Spay/Neuter Voucher Program is only available if funding is sufficient!  Please consider donating today to keep this important program viable!


Important Changes to the SNIPPP Voucher Program Effective 03/01/23:

In order to continue serving the animal welfare needs of the Intermountain Area, effective March 1, 2023 SNIPPP is making the following changes to our CAT spay/neuter voucher program. 

SNIPPP will not longer be issuing Feral or Low Income pay in full vouchers for cats. 

All cat vouchers will be in the amount of $100 for a female cat spay, and $50 for a male cat neuter. The balance of the cost of the spay/neuter will be the responsibility of the owner of the cat. 

Additionally, SNIPPP is no longer able to provide traps on loan.

Although there are no changes to our Dog Voucher Programs at this time, following is a recap of the programs offered by SNIPPP effective 03/01/23:

Female Cat Spay - $100 Voucher

Male Cat Neuter - $50 Voucher

Low Income Small Dog under 50lbs - Female Dog Spay - $200

Low Income Small Dog under 50lbs - Male Dog Neuter - $160

Regular Income Female Dog Spay - $60

Regular Income Male Dog Neuter - $40

Low Income Male/Female Large Dog over 50lbs at maturity or Pit Bull/Pit Bull Cross - No Cost

To obtain a spay/neuter voucher, please contact one of our Veterinarian Partners and make an appointment, then contact SNIPPP at 530-336-6006, and provide your name, address, contact number, along with the name of your pet, breed, sex, and the date and location of your appointment. A SNIPPP volunteer will return your call. Please call several days in advance of your appointment to allow us time to arrange for your voucher. 

Our Veterinary Partners are:

Burney Veterinary Hospital - 530-335-3646

Fall River Veterinary Hospital - 530-336-5528

Modoc Veterinary Clinic - 530-233-4156 (Alturas) or 530-299-3121 (Adin)

Please consider donating to SNIPPP to help us continue these important programs.

Due to rising costs and increased demand, these changes are vital to the continuation of SNIPPP's voucher programs and our ongoing goal of providing assistance within our communities with the spaying and neutering of companion animals. Any and all vouchers are issued based upon the availability of funds and may be changed or discontinued at any time if necessary. 

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Possible resources outside of SNIPPP's service area:

           Residents of the cities of Anderson, Redding, and unincorporated Shasta County, contact Haven Humane Society, 530-241-2550, for information on their spay/neuter voucher assistance programs.     

For assistance with cat spay/neuter throughout Shasta County, contact SNAP (Spay, Neuter & Protect), 530-547-2050.

For Shingletown area residents, cat spay/neuter assistance may be available from R.A.I.N. at 530 474-5885. 

Residents of the City of Shasta Lake, contact the Shasta Lake Animal Control Facility, 530-275-7480.

Shingletown & Northern Tehama County residents, contact the Mt. Lassen Animal Group, 530-474-1503.

Igo/Ono/Trinity Alps Preserve residents, contact the Raney Katie Fund, 530-396-2207 or 530-396-2250.

If you live in Lassen County, Lassen Humane Society may reimburse you for part of your spay/neuter costs (amounts vary based on available funding), or if you are low-income, contact them for more information to see if you qualify for additional help.    Call (530) 257-4555 - or write to PO Box 1575 Susanville CA 96130 -

      If you live in Modoc County, High Plateau Humane Society may be able to help you with spay/neuter costs.   Call (530) 233-9277 - or write to PO Box 1383 Alturas CA 96101 -

Contact SNIPPP :

PO Box 223 McArthur CA 96056

(530) 336-6006

or join our Facebook group.