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Jezebelle, Jezzy, Jez, does it rhyme with LOVE? You bet! Little did I know last summer that I would meet the second love of my life at the age of 47….of course my first love being my husband. When I first met Jezebelle she was known as Leah and had a little sister with her at the SNIPPP yard sale. The kindness of her face is what caught my attention but, you see, I really wasn’t sure I wanted a female dog. I had only owned male dogs my entire life and I already had 2 dogs. However, one of my males was very old and I knew we would not have much more time with him. My other male had never been without a buddy and I was very worried about what would happen when a decision had to be made. SO…at the back of my mind was finding another companion that would fit into our little family. Both girls were asleep when I approached but Jezebelle opened one eye & looked straight at me. She wasn’t that interested at first because it was after lunch & a warm afternoon — sleep was coming so easily — did she really have to entertain one more interested person? I told her I understood, go back to napping, she had shown enough to peek my interest. I walked away with a little tug of the heart telling myself if it was “meant to be” that she would be available later. Of course as life goes I was not able to make it back that day and assumed she had found a new home. It was about a week later that I found out that Jezebelle was with a good friend of mine, Linda Yarbrough. Of course, Linda couldn’t wait to tell me what a wonderful girl she was. I continued to debate with my husband about another dog and he asked to give it a little more time. It was at this time that Jezebelle was appointed to go to the PETCO adoption on a Saturday. At the last minute Ken Yarbrough realized he did not have enough room for Jezebelle and so he kept her at home. I received an email from Linda asking how serious I was about Jezebelle, she had to leave for a family event and Ken would be home alone with all the animals…would I be interested in trying Jezebelle out for a week? I talked again to hubby, He finally consented and Ken promptly brought her to our house. Of course she fit in like an old shoe! What a wonderful, easy going, kind dog. She is also very vocal (as most females are says the Mr of the house). She gives with her WHOLE heart and loves anyone who walks into the house. On top of that she is a stunning dog, looking like a German Shepherd in her coloring but having lovely long silky ears and the softest coat. I try not to think of what would have happened if this lovely girl had not become part of our lives. So, from the bottoms of our hearts Jezebelle & I thank you SNIPPP for coming together into this great organization that saves lives & brings so much joy! Kelly B.