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Stevie is a real snuggle bunny. She loves to snuggle in bed and on the sofa. The first few times I threw her a squeaky toy she would bring it back and not release it (Wanted to play tug of war). I would tell her firmly 'Drop it' and praise her when she did. After only about 5 or 6 attempts she was bringing the toy back and dropping it in my hand before I could even give the command!......One very smart girl! She already knows her 'sit', 'stay', and 'come' commands. Also, she is walking on the leash much better already (Less pulling on her walks). She was almost perfect on her last walk last night. I think Stevie might have some treeing hound in her. She has chased two squirrels up trees in the backyard. She then puts her paws on the tree and looks up at them. She saw her first deer yesterday morning and only gave two barks and then just watched it move off. She saw one this morning on the other side of the fence and didn't even bark. She just watched it move away. She quickly lost interest and wanted to go back to playing fetch. And now for the best part. She went to the birthday party last Friday evening. She was exposed to about 25 strangers and one other dog. She just walked around the living and dining rooms to get her love and would move on to greet somebody new. She never attempted to beg for food. She walked by plates of pizza, ice cream and cake and never showed any interest. She also was very mellow with the other dog that was there. About every 5 minutes or so she would come back over to me and sit down next to me before making her rounds again. After most of the people had gone home my grandson wanted to watch a movie. While the four of us were watching the movie she just laid in front of the TV and went to sleep (boring I guess). As I'm typing this I have a dog head on my foot. Stevie is a very sweet girl. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys for a great new family member and companion. I think it is starting to sink in that this is really her permanent new home. She has been wagging her tail everytime I talk to her today. She has a lot more spring in her walk today and seems very happy. She is also starting to pickup on my routines already. (Gets excited when she sees my shoes going on or I pick up my keys etc). I'm soooo happy to have her, THANK YOU! —Gary F.